Gastric Carcinoma Presentating as Marrow Metastasis – A Case Report


  • Aruna Lingam
  • Manimekhala P
  • Lavanya Motrapu
  • Vijay Sreedhar V
  • Devender Reddy Kotta


Gastric carcinoma primarily manifesting as bone marrow metastasis is very rare. Herewith we present a case of 50 year old male who initially presented with fever and easy fatigability. Haematological workup revealed leukoerythroblastic picture with thrombocytopenia. Bone marrow examination disclosed metastatic deposits of poorly differentiated gastric carcinoma . This case throws light on the rarity of gastric carcinoma presenting only as bone marrow metastasis in the absence of systemic spread or any specific complaints pertaining to gastric carcinoma.


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Case Report