Testicular Feminization Syndrome: A Case Study


  • Rupa Reddy M
  • Naveen Reddy M.V


We report a rare case of testicular feminization syndrome in a 24 years old patient. This is a syndrome due to androgen insensitivity. The patient is phenotypically female with male Karyotype (46XY). The patient is completely feminine with well-developed breasts, female external genitalia, blind vagina, absent mullerian structures, undescended testes and sparse axillary and pubic hair. The gonad (undescended testes) may be intra-abdominal, inguinal or labial. The patient was surgically treated with bilateral orchidectomy and vaginal reconstruction. The incidence of testicular feminization syndrome is reported to range from 1 in 2,000 to 1 in 62,400.


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Case Report