Ultrasonographic and Computed Tomography Evaluation of Hydatid Disease


  • Janardhan Reddy K
  • Ismail S Md
  • Ramanappa MV


Echinococcosis has always been an endemic disease. It remains today a common surgical condition in many parts of the Kurnool district, carrying a significant morbidity and mortality. The development of real-time ultrasound and computed tomography (CT) with greater imaging versatility and diagnostic accuracy has resulted in a change. To know the precise location of the cysts, number, multiple organ involvement, complications like infection, cystrupture, mass effect, etc., by ultrasound and CT. To measure the size and depth of the cysts in an organ thereby indicating their operability or otherwise monitor the response to medical treatment. A study of 30 patients with palpable abdominal masses, pulmonary cysts, renal cysts, etc. was undertaken. Data was collected based on clinical features, plain radiographic, ultrasonographic and computed tomographic findings. Thirty cases were studied and analyzed according to their anatomical distribution, age, sex distribution, multiplicity of lesions, multi organ involvement and sonographic appearance. With the aim of ultrasonographic and CT evaluation of hydatid disease, 30 cases studied and analysed. Eighteen cases were in males and twelve were in females. Hepatic hydatids comprised the largest group with 26 cases out of 30 cases with next largest pulmonary hydatid cysts. Multiplicity of cysts was noted in eight cases and multiple organ involvement was seen in seven cases. The preponderance of hepatic hydatid cysts is more in 3rd to 5th decades and in 2nd to 6th decades in cases of lung cysts. Right lobe of liver is more involved than the left one.


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