Tension Pneumothorax in the First Hour of Newborn Life


  • Bharadwaj N
  • Chandramouli M
  • Pavan Kumar
  • Rajiv Terli


 Pneumothorax is an uncommon occurrence at birth. We report a case of a preterm male baby born to a primip through caesarean section. He did not cry immediately after birth, but spontaneous respirations developed after successful neonatal resuscitation. However, a few minutes after resuscitation, the infant developed respiratory distress, grunting and cyanosis. On examination, decreased air entry to the left side of the chest and shift of the trachea and apex beat to the right side were observed, and transillumination of the left side of the chest was positive. Infantogram was done to confirm the diagnosis of pneumothorax on left side of the chest.


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Case Report