Bicuspidised Molar as a Potential Prosthetic Abutment- A Case Report


  • Vineela Katam Reddy
  • Harinath Parthasrathy
  • Suresh PL
  • Tanveer Karpe
  • Shameem Shameem


Conservative management of periodontally compromised teeth with advanced furcation defects has proved to be challenging to the periodontists since ages. With the evolution of implant-based oral rehabilitation of edentulism, the ideology of preservation of the natural dentition is slowly fading. This case report aims at highlighting the conservative management of a grade III furcation-involved molar by bicuspidisation procedure and use of the treated tooth as an abutment for fixed prosthesis. Bicuspidisation is a surgical procedure performed on the mandibular molars for the separation of the mesial and distal roots with their respective crown portions; this separation eliminates the existence of a furcation and facilitates effective oral hygiene practice. The use of bicuspidisation still remains to be one of the most viable traditional options for the management of a Glickman’s classification grade III furcation defect in the mandibular molar teeth to facilitate reduction in periodontal infection, oral hygiene maintenance, preservation of natural tooth structure and having the potential to serve as abutments for a fixed partial denture. A bicuspidised multirooted tooth can successfully serve as a potential abutment.


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Case Report