A Comparative Study of the Clinical Efficacy of Natural- Ore- Based Bhasmas and Lavang Oil in the Management of Krimidanta


  • Sunil Kumar Kothawar
  • Mahesh M
  • Sreedevi Madugula


Dental caries is the progressive destruction of enamel, dentine and cementum, initiated by microbial activity at the tooth surface. It is one of the major problems in dentistry. On the basis of clinical features, it can be compared with krimidanta, which is one among the eight diseases of the tooth. In the management of krimidanta, medicines with actions of krimighna, paithya nashak, punah dhatu nirmaan and krumidantavarodh are used, which can relieve the toothache and prevent destruction of tooth structure. In this study, the efficacy of natural-ore bhasmas in krimidanta and its efficiency and durability over the most conventional treatment of lavanga oil application were compared. In this study, the patients of krimidanta (dental caries) were divided into two groups for two types of treatment. In type I, the patients were treated with natural-ore-based medicament and lavanga oil application, and in type II, the patients were treated with lavanga oil application only. From the results and observations of this study, it was concluded that natural-ore-based bhasmas provided better results in dantashoola, durgandhya, dantaharsha, aniyamit ruja and in krimidanta roga. In a nutshell, this clinical study has established that a combined therapy of natural bhasmas and lavanga oil gives better results than lavanga oil alone in the management of krimidanta.


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