Primary Papillary Serous Carcinoma of Cervix: A Rare Variant of Cervical Malignancy


  • Induri Sree Lakshmi Osmania medical college
  • Anunayi J Osmania medical college
  • Sridhar V.V Osmania medical college
  • Amanulla khan Mohd Osmania
  • Sarigama M Osmania


Papillary serous carcinoma of the uterine cervix is a very rare tumor, and is a recently described variant of cervical Adenocarcinoma. It is an aggressive tumor with unpredictable course and poor prognosis. The incidence  of cervical Adenocarcinoma  is 5-15%. This variant accounts for less than 50 cases in literature, has bimodal age distribution with one peak occurring less than  40 years and other occurring greater than 65 years age groups. Here with we present a 53 years old female presented with severe low backache and lump abdomen of 4 months duration. Per vaginal examination showed endophytic growth high up in the cervix. Pap smear and Cervical biopsy done. Histopathological examination of cervical biopsy  revealed Papillary Serous Adenocarcinoma. Later we received hysterectomy specimen with regional lymph nodes , which showed tumor limited to endocervix .

Author Biographies

Induri Sree Lakshmi, Osmania medical college


Anunayi J, Osmania medical college

Associate professor

Sridhar V.V, Osmania medical college

Proessor and H O D

Amanulla khan Mohd, Osmania

Post graduate

Sarigama M, Osmania

Post graduate


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