Odontogenic Myxomas with an Unusual Presentation in the Anterior Mandible: A Case Report


  • Surekha Chavan
  • Shraddha Prabhune
  • Rasika Pawar
  • Revati Deshmukh
  • Deepak Nagpal


Odontogenic myxoma (OM) is a rare and locally invasive benign neoplasm derived from the odontogenic ectomesenchyme, found exclusively in the jaws. As a myxoma, this tumour consists mainly of spindle-shaped cells and scattered collagen fi bers distributed through a loose, mucoid material. The lesion is found in age groups ranging from 10–50 years but commonly diagnosed in young adults (25–35 years). The lesion often grows without symptoms and presents as a painless swelling. It has variable radiographic presentation but often causing root displacement and resorption. In this article we present a rare case report of swelling in anterior mandible in a 31-year-old-male, diagnosed histopathologically as odontogenic myxoma.


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Case Report