Adult Cystic Hygroma– A Rare Entity

Amarendra Prasad, Srikanth Raju, Srinivasa Karthik, Gaje Venu, Mithun Mithun


Objective: Lymphangiomas (Cystic Hygromas) are rare congenital malformations commonly seen in children. Its occurrence in adults is uncommon with very scarce reports in the literature. It mainly occurs in infants or children younger than 2 years of age. We report this case to emphasise the need to consider cystic hygroma in differential diagnosis of neck masses in adults. Case Reports: A 50-year-old female presented with a swelling over the antero– lateral aspect of neck of size 8´6 cm since last 4 years, which was not associated with pain, discharge, discolouration or sudden increase in size. Conclusion: The awareness of occurrence of cystic lymphangio main adults is important for its proper management, which includescomplete surgical removal, to prevent recurrence.

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