Evaluation of Satb1, survivin and Ki-67 as possible markers to differentiate phyllodes tumor from fibroadenoma

Ranade Ketan J, Nerurkar Alka V, Phulpagar Mayura D, Shirsat Neelam V, Shinde Sneha S


Aims: Difficulties in diagnosis of phyllodes tumour are well known. Our aim was to observe whether the expressions of satb1, survivin and ki-67 were helpful in differentiating fibroadenoma and phyllodes tumour. Settings and Design: Retrospective Methods and Material: Paraffin embedded tissue samples from 60 female patients with phyllodes tumour & 60 female patients with fibroadenoma were studied. Expression of the gene products was studied and confirmed using Immunohistochemical and western blot analysis Statistical analysis used: The statistical analysis was performed using Fisher’s Exact test to find out the significant changes Results: Statistically significant difference was observed in Satb1, survivin expression between fibroadenoma and benign phyllodes cases. The difference between the Ki-67 expression in fibroadenoma and benign phylloodes cases was not statistically significant. Conclusions: Our finding of strong stromal expression of satb1 and survivin in phyllodes as compared to fibroadenoma can be helpful for the development of additional diagnostic and prognostic indicators for otherwise difficult cases. Such immunochemical markers can be used to elucidate cellular basis of tumor behaviour. Validation of such immunochemical test in future will reduce diagnostic uncertainty in this rare tumor. In addition to that such parameters may serve as a therapeutic target that could increase effectiveness of chemotherapy or radiation therapy. A study with large number of samples along with clinical and follow-up data is required for confirmation.

Key-words: Phyllodes,  Satb1, Survivin,  Ki-67,fibroadenoma

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