Reattachment of Fracture of Maxillary Anterior Tooth-An Aesthetic Approach

M. Sita Rama Rao, Sharanesh Babu Daneti, Tanuja Temburu, Prabhakar D, Kiran Kuma Ch


Fracture of anterior teeth is a very common form of dental injuries among children and young adolescents. Aesthetic rehabilitation of crown fractures of the maxillary anterior teeth is one of the greatest challenges to the dentist. Various treatment modalities have been practiced in past but reattachment of fracture is considered to be one of the most conservative, natural, and aesthetic approach. The restoration of natural teeth form, colour, and alignment in these patients create a positive social and emotional response in such patients. This paper discusses a case of 16-year-old male patient with fractured left central incisor (Ellis class 3 fracture). Reattachment of fracture was done along with single sitting endodontic treatment with fibre post using flow able composite resin cement. Evaluation at 6 weeks yields good reattachment, intact post, good aesthetics, and good periodontal health.

KEYWORDS: Anterior teeth, Crown fractures, Rehabilitation, Colour, Composite resin Cement, Reattachment.

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