A Clinical Study of Post-tubercular Bronchiectasis

Prabhakar Rao P, Nageswar Rao G, Bhanu B, Ramakrishna R, Venu M


Pulmonary tuberculosis (PT) Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the most important communicable diseases in the world. India is the highest PT TB burden country accounting for one-fi fth (21%) of the global incidence (9.4 million cases). This problem is further magnifi ed by the after-effects of the disease—post-tubercular bronchiectasis (PTBX).

As a result, the sufferers run from pillar to post with sinister symptomatology. Some of them are retreated with antituberculous treatment, although there is no defi nite indication. Katuri Medical College is situated in the rural Guntur surrounded by number of dusty industries like granite, quarrying, cotton crop and mills, tobacco, capsicumcrop, spices besides being an agricultural area on the brink of mighty Krishna River fl owing at a length of more than 700 km through three states of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. As a result the fl ora and fauna is complex. Workers in this area report with variegated granulomatous lung diseases to the faculty of Pulmonology.

Over and above the incidence of smoking in both sexes is rampant. The fi nal outcome in all these morbidities is bronchiectasis. Quite a few of them have had treatment for pulmonary TB in the past. With this background the present study was undertaken to fi nd out the vagary of post-tubercular bronchiectasis ruling out the extrinsic atmospheric factors.

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